what makes me so easy to walk away from

It hurts, Aching. I wonder what makes me so easy to walk away from. What makes me so easy to stop care about. What makes me so easy to forget. I've let people in and I've seen them walk away. Leaving me hanging and wondering. I've heard their words, I've listened to their stories. I've opened up, told them who I am, told them about my scars. Then they're just not the same anymore. They stop calling, they stop texting. Most of all they stop listening, they stop caring. So here I am and I can't help wonder if anyone really knows me. If anyone really cares. If anyone really is going to stay. What if everyone leaves, one by one. And sometimes I can't help wishing that my smile hurts for everyone that left. Just as much as it hurted me when they turned around. But I would never tell them, I would never ask. No, because I still hope that they will come back and I'm trying to always keep my doors open. I'm not sure if they are, perhaps I've closed them all. I don't really know.


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