imagine what an old sweater can create

I'm wearing that old sweater you used to love, I guess you wouldn't care
but it got me thinking of you
sometimes when I hear your voice, I can still feel that wierd feeling of security
it was something about the way you talked that could make me listen for hours
but don't get me wrong, I am over you I am and I wish the very best for you
I've heard that you've met somebody new, someone prettier
good for you
but a good friend once told me that you can't truly forget someone until you met somebody new
it's not that I'll ever forget you, it's just that I hope someone will take the place you once had
and that I can learn to be a petter person to that man and that our love will last
that our love will be for real, but to be honest it sounds too much like a fairytale
a wish upon a star that never comes true, I remember I was your wish upon a star once
and you got me, for a while at least. So maybe my wish someday will come true as well.

Postat av: Anonym

du är så duktig på att skriva! men det är ingen fairytale hanna! du kommer hitta honom!

2012-01-28 @ 00:32:45

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